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You might be small, but you dare to dream big!
The Discover 360 business bundle packs seven powerful tools that you will use to explore your seed idea with confidence. With this innovative and structured approach, you will gain a 360-degree view of your idea and be able to validate it through experimentation. 


As you work through these powerful tools, you will receive expert feedback from mentors and experts to ensure you are on track.


The Discover 360 business bundle gets you 3 months of access to the following tools:

  • Idea Canvas
  • Disruption Potential
  • Idea Pressure Test
  • Customer Journey
  • Experiment Design
  • Product-Market Fit
  • MVP

What’s included?

  • Seven tools to explore an idea
  • Access to monthly workshops
  • Includes expert feedback

Discover 360 - Explore an Idea, build a business

C$599.00 Regular Price
C$269.00Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
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